Basic Barn Equipment

It doesn’t matter if you’re boarding a large facility, just keeping your horse on your own, or you’re going to a show. There is a lot of barn equipment & accessories that is considered to be “must haves” when it comes to horse keeping. That being said, here are some of the basic barn equipment that you must have.

Manure Fork

It’s important to have a manure fork that will last for several years. This ranges from plain wooden ones to the newer metal ones. Likewise, there are also ergonomically correct manure forks. See which one works for you.

Bridle Rack

There are several portable bridle racks to choose from. The most convenient rack is the one that you can hang over the door. Similarly, there are also bell-shaped portable ones that can be hanged up. Keep in mind though, don’t hang these racks where your horse can accidentally run into it with his head.

Mounting Block

It’s always a good idea to have a mounting block ready. This will help you get up on your house without overusing the tree of your saddle. Aside from that, it can also save your horse’s back and it’s easier than mounting on the ground.

Step Stool

Most people would prefer an affordable step stool that they can use for showing. This comes in handy, especially if you want to braid your horse’s main and it could also be used for other barn chores that you can think of.

Five Gallon Buckets

These are available in various colors and designs. As much as possible, it’s advisable to have at least two of these for use within your equine stall.

Two Gallon Buckets

It’s the smaller version of the five gallon bucket and it’s often used for carrying feeds, grooming brushes, and even for giving baths. Have at least three of these ready and label each one. You don’t want to use the first aid bucket to feed your horse.

Aside from the round ones, there’s also a rectangular feed bucket with a built-in handle. This hangs over the stall door and is fancier.

First Aid Kit
It’s important to have the first aid supplies ready at all times. Likewise, your first aid kid should have aspirin, vet wrap, and even syringes.

Saddle Stand
A saddle stand is perfect for those who have limited space or going to a show. Most saddle stands are portable, and some even come on wheels. Aside from being used to put the saddle on while you’re getting ready this is also a great place to clean your saddle before and after each ride.

Tack Cleaning Kit
Always have an assortment of sponges and a bucket on hand to clean your tack. Also, it’s recommended to use a sponge on one product alone, instead of using it for several purposes.

Power Sprayer
Any kind of garden nozzle that has an adjustable spray will do. It’s perfect for giving a bath, filling up water buckets, and cold-hosing the swollen leg of your horse.

Cross Ties
It’s easier to groom your horse if you’re standing in cross ties. These can either be two bungee-like ropes, lead ropes, or light chains that are connected to a fixed object at one end and to each side of the horse halter.

You will never know when you will need it. There are a lot of large stuff you might want to dispose of. Visit our partner for more information.